Think outside your box

Come immerse yourself into the Colorado culture and learn to shift your perspective to think outside the box. The meetup will focus on challenging yourself to come up with innovative solutions to challenging problems people face every day, problems you didn't even know existed. Come to sunrise hike in the Rocky Mountains, rockclimb at a world class gym, enjoy a night out around Denver, and so much more!


Lets ~Make~ a difference.

To empower a whole campus to be problem solvers and world changers is no small undertaking. Fellows here at Mines work to cultivate both growth and entrepreneurial mindsets across campus, because we believe every single student here has the power to change the world. We want to share with you what we have learned, and to hear from you about how you change your campus culture. The maker movement is thriving here! Come check out and play in our numerous makerspaces! Throughout the weekend, we will be 3D printing, creating custom stickers and more.