Thursday night Colorado Social

We will be kicking off the weekend with Colorado's best!

Food Trucks. Slacklining. Volleyball. Hammocking. Spike-ball. Badminton. Music. Dancing. and fun!

What better way to start an incredible weekend than to reconnect with old Fellows and make new friends! UIFellows and Mines students can bond over food and fun during the Thursday Night Social. This event will be co-planned by the Mines Fellows and the Mines Activity Council (MAC). 


20161029_171507 (1).jpg

Friday Morning - sunrise hike

Golden is located in between Look Out Mountain and South Table Mountain. Wake up early to see the sun rise from a new perspective. For those up for the challenge, there will be a hike up to the top of South Table Mountain.  For those with physical limitations, or those who just are not about that morning workout, we will also have an option to drive up Look-Out Mountain to watch the sun rise! 

Friday Morning - Rock climbing

Embrace the Colorado Mountains by learning to rock climb. Don't worry, you will be tied up and we will be at an indoor gym. This opportunity will give us the ability to reflect on our abilities, challenge ourselves, and design for new challenges. 



Friday Afternoon - Workshops

See what the Mines Fellows have accomplished on the Mines campus! Tour our Makerspaces and participate in workshops focused around making, ideating, being creative, and making an impact!



Friday Evening - Community Building

Join us at a local brewery (ALL are welcome!) for good food, drinks, and communication! Learn about other students and what they've accomplished! Share your hopes and dreams! Make new friends! Kick-back and relax!



Saturday - Design for Disabilities

Join us at the GoSpotCheck headquarters in Denver to hear more about experiences of people who are differently-abled. Use empathy and design with these disabilities in mind. In the heart of Denver, this hack-o-thon will feature a day full of innovating and end in teams pitching their solutions. 

Afterwards, you'll get the opportunity to explore Denver!


Sunday - Reflection

Join us on Clear Creek for activities that reflect on our weekend and cover ideas/skills you can take back to school or work with you.