Check in starts Thursday, September 6th at 6PM on the Mines Campus. Check in anytime between 6PM and 7PM, the earlier the better! If you arrive sooner, that's okay! Let us know so we can accomodate you!

We will be finished by noon on Sunday, September 9th. Feel free to leave anytime after that!

Arrival and Departure


Fly into DIA Thursday afternoon / evening to join us for a night of Colorado fun! You can Uber from the airport, or there is a LightRail that goes from DIA to Union Station, where you switch to the W-Line to ride right into Golden. From there, you can Uber to the hotel (~5 min) or we can pick you up if you're trying to save a buck! 

Fly out Sunday evening after our morning activities. To get back to DIA, just do everything you did to get here, just in reverse.


We recommend finding an AirBnB with other Fellows who are coming. Reach out in the Facebook group to link up.

If you cannot get funding for housing, please reach out to us, and we will house you. We've got plenty of couches for our UIFam.

During the day, the temperature will be in the upper 70s! It will be sunny, so bring sun screen! At night, temperatures are expected to drop to about 55 degrees F. 


Dress Code

Dress for comfort for the whole weekend. Please bring layers because Colorado mornings are chilling and in the day it gets very warm! Here is what you should bring:

  • UIF T-Shirts, if you have them.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • One pair of close toed shoes.
  • At least one athletic outfit!
  • Fanny pack, if you have one! (We love our fanny packs here)
  • If you want to go out in Denver on Saturday night then we recommend one fancier outfit.
  • Hammock, if you have one!